Is the blue ocean turning dead black? Are the organism getting affected by lower pH in the oceans? Is man-made CO2 responsible for ocean acidification? —
Save the ocean for Safe inhabitance of its living beings.

Over centuries oceans have been responsible for absorbing CO2 and reducing its amount in the atmosphere. Consequently, leading to ocean acidification, CO2 combines with ocean water forming carbonic acid which in turn lowers the pH of ocean water.

The major evils augmenting ocean death are man-made CO2 which is produced by industrialization, global warming, pollution and coal fired power plant. Scientific research has reported that a single coal fired power plant produces about 3.2 million tons of CO2 per year and around 30 % of CO2 is absorbed by the ocean. The dreadful effect are not only prominent on coral life and aquatic organism but also on human lives, as the coastal communities, fisheries and tourism are highly dependent on oceanic wealth.

The only way to bring about natural resilience of aquatic organism and coral life is by harmonizing the level of CO2 and using an alternative form of energy. This will not only overhaul oceanic creatures but will also be benign for human inhabitance.

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