Fresh air, green grass, cool environment is all that you want; to live a healthy life. Come join us to initiate a green revolution.

Under social green movement we partake the opportunity to commence a global green venture to save our planet earth:

1. CO2 free environment campaign

About 82% of CO2 is produced among all the greenhouse gases resulting in a hazardous outcome like elevated temperature, rising sea level and pollution. The best ways to curb CO2 in the environment are as follows:
• Include solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and hydropower to produce energy in order to reduce the CO2 emission by coal fired power plant.
• Commuting in an eco-friendly way by walking cycling and taking public transport.
• Using green technologies and products in industries to deplete the emission of CO2.

Be a part of us to combat excessive amount of hazardous CO2

2. Ban Coal Fired power plant

The energy produced by igniting coal in a 500 megawatt power plant is found to emit about 3 million tons of CO2 every year. Apart from that, the major pollutants like mercury, sulfur dioxide, NOx and particulate of sulfate, nitrate and ammonia comes from coal power stations.

Let us get together to ban these dreadful machines of death to prevent ourselves and our environment from its venomous effect.

3. Swimming Pool Energy Campaign

Home pools upkeep consumes about 42% higher energy. My Natural Pool team promotes and utilizes eco-friendly and energy efficient techniques to simplify pool maintenance.

4. Clean Energy Technologies

With the ever enhancing global environment problem and resources shortage, the demand for clean energy technology is paving its way to develop a green economy and green environment.